These are the basics of staffing – and they’re what StaffMasters does best! For more than 30 years, we’ve served employers throughout the Carolinas, providing a more reliable, higher quality, higher value staffing experience.

Expertise: manufacturing, distribution, logistics, call centers, administrative, professional

Services: temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire

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Managing a large contingent workforce across multiple departments or locations is tough. StaffMasters makes it easier! We are proven experts in high volume workforce management, and we can help you more efficiently manage your temporary workforce. Flexibility. Safety. Reliability. We deliver on your top priorities. And improve your staffing ROI.

Expertise: manufacturing, distribution, logistics, contact centers, administrative, professional, start-up, mass onboarding

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Need additional recruiting or HR support? Put StaffMasters’ expertise and economies of scale to work for your organization. Outsource your recruiting. Ensure OSHA compliance.  Better manage your HR functions.

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1/18Three Questions to Help You Learn a Candidate’s Ethical Standards - The reputation of your company relies heavily on the employees that keep it running. One bad apple can tarnish your brand forever, so you have to make sure each person you hire is willing and able to uphold the ethical standards of your organization. Along with screening for skills and cultural fit, it’s essential to... Read more »
1/16Hiring Light Industrial Employees During a Talent Shortage - Today’s labor market is tougher than ever when it comes to hiring light industrial employees. The good news is: With a little creative thinking, you can succeed and emerge a winner in the highly competitive manufacturing talent war. The Skills Gap According to a recent Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) report, more than 75... Read more »
1/11Don’t Make These Resume Mistakes! - First impressions are everything, and your resume is the first one you’ll make on the hiring manager who will decide your employment fate. Ultimately, you don’t have control over whether you’re invited for an interview, but you can increase your chances by submitting the best possible resume. 4 Resume Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make... Read more »
1/9Why Should You Start Planning Your Hiring Strategy? - In today’s job market, competition for top talent is fierce. You can’t head forward blindly, without a rock-solid hiring strategy that will support your company’s business plan and objectives. Otherwise, you risk losing the best candidates … and they may never look back. Get Ahead of the Game Develop your plan for the next six,... Read more »
1/4Use Numbers to Stand Out as a Candidate - If your cover letter and resume do not currently contain numbers, it’s time to make a change. A savvy way to enhance your credibility, quantifying your experience can give you a competitive edge, regardless of the type of job you’re trying to secure. Numbers don’t lie, so hiring managers really take them seriously. Everything from... Read more »
1/2What Are Your Biggest Hiring Obstacles? - Your company’s success depends on the talent you recruit and hire. If you’re not using the right strategies, you may be missing out on top candidates. Which obstacles stand in your way, and how can you overcome them? What NOT to Do In your efforts to hire the best, you may not be: Looking in... Read more »
12/29Setting Resolutions as a Job Seeker - It’s hard to believe it, but the new year is just a few weeks away. If finding a new job is on your 2018 agenda, it’s important to create resolutions that support your goal. Competition for the best jobs can be intense, but if you work hard, you can polish yourself into a candidate who... Read more »
12/27Does Your Company Culture Keep Employees Engaged? - Companies with the most engaged employees are those that go the extra mile to build a positive culture and sense of community in the workplace. Regardless of their size or budget, they emphasize recognition and positive reinforcement as a means to achieving cultural excellence. Focus on What’s Right It’s easy, as a manager, to fall... Read more »
12/21Hiring for Retention - No company is free from turnover. In fact, you’ve probably had a few employees quit their jobs this year. If so, you’re definitely not alone. Nationally, the average turnover rate is 18.1 percent, according to the 2016 Turnover Rate Report, compiled by Compdata Surveys. While inevitable, keeping your turnover rate as low as possible is... Read more »
12/19How to Hire the Administrative Professional You Need - The right administrative professional is essential for a manager to keep their office or department afloat. When hiring for this role, you need the candidate with the right knowledge, skills, experience and personality to suit all your business requirements. What to Look For As technology has evolved, so has the role of the administrative professional.... Read more »

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