These are the basics of staffing – and they’re what StaffMasters does best! For more than 30 years, we’ve served employers throughout the Carolinas, providing a more reliable, higher quality, higher value staffing experience.

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Managing a large contingent workforce across multiple departments or locations is tough. StaffMasters makes it easier! We are proven experts in high volume workforce management, and we can help you more efficiently manage your temporary workforce. Flexibility. Safety. Reliability. We deliver on your top priorities. And improve your staffing ROI.

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Need additional recruiting or HR support? Put StaffMasters’ expertise and economies of scale to work for your organization. Outsource your recruiting. Ensure OSHA compliance.  Better manage your HR functions.

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8/25Ace Your Next Interview With Body Language - Preparing for a job interview takes a lot of time and energy. After receiving the invitation, you probably devise responses to common interview questions, research the company, find a professional outfit to wear and take a trial run to the office to make sure you know how to get there, without giving any thought to... Read more »
8/23What Should You Listen for in Strengths and Weaknesses - “What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” It’s the question you always ask candidates in job interviews – as you should. But what are you really looking for in a response? While there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, you are looking for the right fit and the individual who will bring the... Read more »
8/18Creating an Effective Workday - Some days are more productive than others, but the reasoning behind this is more than just a matter of chance. You typically spend the same amount of time on the job each shift, but some days you leave work with a huge sense of accomplishment and others feel like a bit of a waste. As... Read more »
8/16Why You Should Look for Empathy in Candidates - Psychological research has shown that a lack of empathy in co-workers can result in morale problems – which in turn spike conflict and loss of productivity. Gone are the days of employees leaving feelings and emotions at the door. In today’s world, empathy is as critical a trait when hiring as are hard skills like... Read more »
8/11Should References Be on Your Resume? - Writing a truly great resume is hard work. Not only are you tasked with portraying yourself in a manner that makes you stand out from other candidates, you’re also forced to decide which sections are essential and which to leave off your resume. In some cases, this varies by industry, job type or even personal... Read more »
8/9Questions to Understand How a Candidate Handles Workplace Stress - How can you tell if a job candidate has the ability to work under stress? To best gauge this skill in an interview, you need to ask questions that reveal not only whether a person has the right qualifications for the job, but also how well they function under pressure. An individual’s demeanor during an... Read more »
8/4One Thing to Consider as a New Employee - You put a lot of effort into your job search and all your hard work helped you land a great new position. Congratulations on your new endeavor! The hiring manager certainly reviewed dozens of applications and met with many qualified candidates, but you stood out from the crowd. Now that the initial excitement of your... Read more »
8/2How to Determine Whether a Candidate Is Self-Motivated - Research has shown that managers spend up to 50 percent of their time motivating their staff. Your management team would save a lot of time and resources if your hiring strategy resulted in self-motivated employees who were more likely, by nature, to be top performers and have intrinsic drive that rubs off on those around... Read more »
7/28How to Discuss a Past Job You Didn’t Like - If you’ve been in the workforce for awhile, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve had at least one job you didn’t like. Whether your boss was a tyrant, the work was incredibly boring or you couldn’t stand most of your colleagues, most people encounter this type of problem at some point in their career. You’ve... Read more »
7/26Attitudes of Successful Leaders -   To lead is not just to manage … it is to guide, create, motivate and inspire. And a person’s attitude can significantly impact their leadership success or failure. The right attitude determines how a person views opportunities, problems, challenges and relationships in life – and at work. Often, it’s not what a person does,... Read more »

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