These are the basics of staffing – and they’re what StaffMasters does best! For more than 30 years, we’ve served employers throughout the Carolinas, providing a more reliable, higher quality, higher value staffing experience.

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Managing a large contingent workforce across multiple departments or locations is tough. StaffMasters makes it easier! We are proven experts in high volume workforce management, and we can help you more efficiently manage your temporary workforce. Flexibility. Safety. Reliability. We deliver on your top priorities. And improve your staffing ROI.

Expertise: manufacturing, distribution, logistics, contact centers, administrative, professional, start-up, mass onboarding

Services: strategic staffing, on-site management, managed staffing solutions

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Need additional recruiting or HR support? Put StaffMasters’ expertise and economies of scale to work for your organization. Outsource your recruiting. Ensure OSHA compliance.  Better manage your HR functions.

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4/17Six Reasons to Consider RPO - Streamlining the hiring process is a challenge for many companies. If you’re looking for a way to make your talent acquisition strategy more efficient, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can help. Partnering with a skilled staffing firm offers countless benefits that can have a positive impact on your entire organization. The top six reasons to consider... Read more »
4/15Four Steps to Keeping Employees Motivated and Increasing Productivity - You could have a multimillion dollar budget, the latest technology, state-of-the art equipment that never breaks down and unlimited access to the corporate jet … but your organization would still fail without good people. Employee motivation translates directly into productivity. And while money and benefits matter, studies have shown they are not the leading drivers... Read more »
4/10How to Manage Turnover Costs - Employee turnover is inevitable. It’s part of doing business – and now that the economy has recovered, employees who decided to stay put while times were rough will likely be more inclined to seek new jobs. According to the Society for Human Resources Management, the average annual turnover across all industries is about 15 percent.... Read more »
4/8Staffing Solutions: Increase Your Recruitment Reach - Finding the perfect candidate for the job is never an easy task. The process of posting the job can be time consuming itself, but that’s just the beginning ─ you have to screen resumes, conduct interviews, and finally make a hiring decision that you hope is the right one. One of the best reasons to... Read more »
4/2The True Cost of a Bad Hire - The cost of a failed hire can range from $25,000 to more $1,000,000, amounting to anywhere from one-third to five times an employee’s annual salary, depending on the position. And the Harvard Business Review recently reported that up to 80 percent of workforce turnover is the result of bad hiring decisions. In addition to the... Read more »
3/27Make the Most of Your Relationship With Your Staffing Partner - How would you describe your relationship with your staffing agency? While this may seem like a strange question, it’s really quite significant. Your staffing partner is responsible for bringing new employees into your business, so it’s important to work with someone you’re comfortable with, who truly understands the needs of your company. Follow these five... Read more »
3/25Steps to Ensure Retention of Top Performers - A recent CareerBuilder survey of 2,600 hiring managers and 4,000 workers produced telling statistics about what employees value most and what employers need do to retain their best talent. According to the results: 39 percent of employers are concerned they might lose their top talent in the months ahead. While 66 percent of employees said... Read more »
3/20Dropping Unemployment Rates in NC - Unemployment rates in North Carolina are dropping at lightning-fast rates. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the area’s unemployment rate was at 9.2 percent in July 2013 and fell to a low of 6.9 percent in November 2013. The North Carolina state unemployment rate was at 7.4 percent in November 2013 and the... Read more »
3/18The Do’s and Don’ts of Reference Checking - You’re oh-so-close to hiring a superstar. The lengthy process of resume review, candidate prescreening and interviewing has drawn to a close. You and your team feel confident that your top candidate is “the one.” It’s a heady and exciting feeling as you’re just about ready to make an offer. It can be tempting to dismiss... Read more »
3/13High-Volume Staffing: Success - Every company knows employee turnover is a part of life. While you may know there’s a good chance you’ll be losing some of your team members this year, you don’t know when it will happen. Consequently, there’s a good chance you’ll be short-staffed for a period of time while you search to find a replacement.... Read more »

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