These are the basics of staffing – and they’re what StaffMasters does best! For more than 30 years, we’ve served employers throughout the Carolinas, providing a more reliable, higher quality, higher value staffing experience.

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Managing a large contingent workforce across multiple departments or locations is tough. StaffMasters makes it easier! We are proven experts in high volume workforce management, and we can help you more efficiently manage your temporary workforce. Flexibility. Safety. Reliability. We deliver on your top priorities. And improve your staffing ROI.

Expertise: manufacturing, distribution, logistics, contact centers, administrative, professional, start-up, mass onboarding

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Need additional recruiting or HR support? Put StaffMasters’ expertise and economies of scale to work for your organization. Outsource your recruiting. Ensure OSHA compliance.  Better manage your HR functions.

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10/17How – and Why – to Encourage Continued Learning in Your Workforce - One of the best ways to drive your business forward is to ensure your employees are continually learning. As you strengthen your employer brand image, support of ongoing employee development is good for your people – and good for your company. In one recent study, 40 percent of people who received poor employee training reported... Read more »
10/12How Does a Mediocre Hire Impact Your Business? - It can be easy to settle for less than the best when you hire a new employee – especially if you’re pressed by time or budgetary constraints. But hiring mediocre talent is not a trap you want to fall into, at least not without risking your company’s business resilience and reputation. The Pitfalls of Mediocrity... Read more »
10/10Part of a Busy Workforce? Don’t Get Lost! - When you’re one employee in a sea of many, it’s easy to blend in with the crowd. Keeping your head down and getting your work done will keep your paychecks coming in, but it won’t help with your career advancement. If you want to climb the ladder, you have to break out from the masses.... Read more »
10/5Are You Willing to Take Risks? - Many employees assume their bosses want them to be ‘yes’ men — or women — but it’s hard to shine when you blend in with the crowd. Safety is always a top priority with the best companies, and they want employees who share this conviction. Oftentimes, the people who make the rules aren’t on the... Read more »
10/3Three Questions to Ask Call Center Candidates to Evaluate Communication Skills - Of all the soft skills critical to achieving the right cultural fit in a candidate, communication ranks at or near the top of the list. Communication skills have become increasingly important due to a growing emphasis on team-based collaboration within companies. You can best assess communication skills in a team interview setting, where you have... Read more »
9/28What to Expect as a New Hire - Out of all the candidates in the running, you stood out as the best. First, congratulations! Getting a new job is exciting. You’re probably equal parts thrilled and nervous about starting your new gig, but you’ll be great. During your first few days, you’ll meet many people and learn a lot. It might feel a... Read more »
9/26Two Great Candidates? How to Determine Who to Hire - It’s a candidates’ market as job growth continues to be solid – a trend that started in 2012. While top talent is in high demand, you may still find yourself with two outstanding prospects – and only one position to fill. You don’t want to let go of either prospect. And time is of the... Read more »
9/21Should You Hire a Candidate Lacking Experience? - When hiring a new employee, it’s easy to get caught up searching for someone who checks all your boxes; however, that person rarely exists. Instead, it’s best to focus on finding a candidate who perfectly fits your company culture and mold them into your ideal staffer from there. Personality traits rarely change, but a candidate... Read more »
9/19Is Technology Distraction Putting your Workforce at Risk? - Business today is regularly conducted through smartphones, as a necessary tool for workers to communicate and access information. The topic is timely, as this year the iPhone is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Both personally and professionally, you probably wonder what you did without it. But, do the distractions of technology threaten safety and well-being in... Read more »
9/14How to Discuss a Difficult Co-Worker During an Interview   - In a perfect world, employees would always see eye-to-eye, but interviewers know it doesn’t work that way. Personality clashes and differences in opinion happen every day at every office, so hiring managers want to know how you handle these situations. If you try to pretend you’ve never dealt with a difficult co-worker, they’ll see right... Read more »

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