These are the basics of staffing – and they’re what StaffMasters does best! For more than 30 years, we’ve served employers throughout the Carolinas, providing a more reliable, higher quality, higher value staffing experience.

Expertise: manufacturing, distribution, logistics, call centers, administrative, professional

Services: temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire

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Managing a large contingent workforce across multiple departments or locations is tough. StaffMasters makes it easier! We are proven experts in high volume workforce management, and we can help you more efficiently manage your temporary workforce. Flexibility. Safety. Reliability. We deliver on your top priorities. And improve your staffing ROI.

Expertise: manufacturing, distribution, logistics, contact centers, administrative, professional, start-up, mass onboarding

Services: strategic staffing, on-site management, managed staffing solutions

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Need additional recruiting or HR support? Put StaffMasters’ expertise and economies of scale to work for your organization. Outsource your recruiting. Ensure OSHA compliance.  Better manage your HR functions.

Expertise: manufacturing, distribution, logistics, contact center industry expertise

Services: recruitment process outsourcing, HR consulting, safety consulting

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5/26Is Your Resume Being Overlooked? - It’s always exciting to find a job you’re really drawn to and perfectly qualified for at a company you’d be very interested in joining, but incredibly discouraging when your resume is greeted with radio silence. Competition for the best jobs is always intense, but if this has become a pattern, it’s time to re-examine your... Read more »
5/24Mindset of a Successful Leader - In order to be an effective leader, you need to take stock of your attitude, approach and style as you identify ways to improve your performance – for the betterment of your company and your career. Adopting a new mindset is the first step in reinventing yourself as a leader and regaining your competitive edge... Read more »
5/19Why Do Some Employees Resist Change? - Change is a normal, healthy and necessary part of life — especially in the fast-paced business world — but many people are strongly opposed to anything that threatens the stability of their standard routine. As the boss, you’ve probably noticed that some of your team members thrive on change, while others panic at any hint... Read more »
5/17Did Your Last New Hire Fail? - Did you know that nearly half of all newly hired employees fail within their first 18 months on the job? This was the finding of a recent leading HR survey of more than 5,200 hiring managers from 312 organizations. Collectively, they hired more than 20,000 employees during the course of the study. You can’t afford... Read more »
5/12How Can a Recruiter Help You Prepare for Your Next Interview? - Preparing for a job interview is hard work. In most cases, you will have never met the hiring manager and likely know very little about the company, so you can only speculate about what to expect from the meeting. Of course, everything changes when you work with a recruiter. Having a staffing expert on your... Read more »
5/10Is Your Team Ready for the Next Generation? - By the end of this decade, yet another new generation will enter the global workforce. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Generation Z – the children of Gen X who are currently in elementary and high school. They number more than 23 million and among their top values are structure and predictability. At the same time, they... Read more »
5/5Turn Your Duties Into Accomplishments - Every job is a learning experience. When you go to work each day, you probably do many of the same tasks without thinking twice. Instead of stopping to consider how your work contributes to the greater good, you’re simply focused on completing everything on your to-do list. Now that you’re searching for a new job,... Read more »
5/3Strategies to Boost Workplace Innovation - The best business results emerge when a company’s ideas, strategies, business models, tools and systems fire in unison, on all cylinders. It’s called innovation – and your organization needs it, in order to convert the creativity of your best people into actual solutions. Only then can you reap the return on your investment. You need... Read more »
4/28“Did I Get the Job?” - At the end of an interview, hiring managers typically ask candidates if they have any additional questions before wrapping things up. There are plenty of appropriate, intelligent inquiries to choose from that may improve your chances of getting an offer, but “Did I get the job?” is not one of them. You can inquire on... Read more »
4/26Three Tips to Impress Candidates - Interviewing to impress and hire top candidates takes extra effort. But it’s well worth the investment. Top talent will always be in high demand, and going the extra mile to sell them on your company should be an integral part of your hiring strategy. Here are three tips to steer you in the right direction:... Read more »

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