By now, you already understand the importance of having a LinkedIn account. The world’s largest professional network gets more than two new members per second, totaling more than 380 million people in over 200 million countries and territories, as of June 2015.

Now that you have a LinkedIn account, are you using it to its full advantage? The sheer volume of talented professionals with an active presence on the site makes in an invaluable resource. If you’re just logging in to make the occasional profile update, you’re missing out on the chance to keep up with every industry trend worth knowing, on one easy-to-navigate site.

How to Use LinkedIn to Stay Informed

Maximize your LinkedIn account by taking these three actions to ensure you never miss out on the latest happenings in your industry:

  1. Join Relevant Groups

LinkedIn groups exist for just about every topic that you’re interested in. Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date with your alma mater, connect with industry professionals or discover new training opportunities, you can find likely find several groups offering exactly what you need. Take this opportunity to join groups and actively engage with members.

  1. Monitor Your Newsfeed

Keep up with the latest from your connections by regularly checking your LinkedIn newsfeed. Here you’ll find updates on your contacts’ latest career moves, updated skills and any content they’ve shared, plus new information from any companies you follow. This is an easy way to stay informed with all pertinent details aggregated in one easy-to-read interface.

  1. Read LinkedIn Pulse

Keep up with the latest news in your industry by subscribing to LinkedIn Pulse. Tailor the content delivered to you by choosing influencers, channels and publishers that share information relevant to your company or career. Gain insights from incredibly successful people such as Richard Branson, Ariana Huffington and Mark Cuban. Follow top channels like Leadership & Management, Recruiting & Hiring and Professional Women. Sign up to receive news from leading publishers, such as Forbes, Mashable and TED Talks.

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