Interviewing to impress and hire top candidates takes extra effort. But it’s well worth the investment. Top talent will always be in high demand, and going the extra mile to sell them on your company should be an integral part of your hiring strategy.

Here are three tips to steer you in the right direction:

Show respect for candidates’ time.

For a first interview, make sure you have an uninterrupted conversation. Set the stage so that a candidate’s first personal experience with your organization is a positive one.

  • Be sure your candidate knows they are your top priority. This means there will be no interruptions. Show respect for their time. Allow no phone calls, text messages or other deterrents to your focusing solely on the candidate. They should not have to compete for your attention.

Be honest.

Top candidates do their homework before arriving at a job interview. They have a good idea about how well your company is doing and the current challenges you face. They may even know exactly when a position is vacant. Don’t insult their intelligence by being anything less than honest with them, as they assess your company as a potential employer.

  • Be prepared for every possible question a candidate may ask. This is especially true if the answers may not exactly be what prospective employees want to hear. The best candidates welcome challenges. Be truthful when describing the role and the state of your organization.

Follow through on your commitments.

When interviewing, never make commitments that you are unprepared to keep. This will do serious damage to your reputation as a leading employer.

  • Have your calendar handy and set a time when you will follow up with a candidate. Honor it – even if you don’t have a final hiring decision at that point. Without exception, keep them in the loop.

It’s all about integrity, honesty and respect: The same qualities you should be looking for in the talent you hire. Leading candidates will seek it out, so be ready to deliver. In the long run, it will be the best possible outcome for everyone.

As you prepare to impress the candidates of your choice, turn to the expert recruitment team at StaffMasters for best practices and strategy guidelines. Contact us today so we can develop a customized talent management plan for your organization.


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