Every job is a learning experience. When you go to work each day, you probably do many of the same tasks without thinking twice. Instead of stopping to consider how your work contributes to the greater good, you’re simply focused on completing everything on your to-do list.

Now that you’re searching for a new job, it’s time to closely examine your work history and finally give yourself the credit you deserve. Competition for the best jobs can be pretty intense, so you’re going to have to tout some pretty solid accomplishments if you want to be the last candidate standing. Thankfully, you already have a long list of impressive achievements to your name — you just need to recognize them.

Apply These Three Questions to Your Work History

At your current job and in the past, you do important work every single day, so it’s time to use this experience to your advantage. Answer these three questions for each of your key job duties to create seriously impressive accomplishments to share with prospective employers:

  • What was the problem?
  • What action did I take?
  • What was the result?

Need a little clarification? Use this example to apply the three questions above to your own career history:

If you’re a customer service representative, a problem you’ve dealt with in the past might’ve been an angry client who didn’t receive their order by the date promised. Maybe you patiently listened to their dilemma, tracked their order, told them when it would be arriving, apologized and offered a discount. Perhaps the result was a satisfied client who will do business with your company again, simply because you cared enough to listen to their problem and make it right.

Now that you know how to properly position your past work experience, you can get any job you set your sights on. Expect to receive multiple job offers with this impressive list of accomplishments to your name.

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