Change is a normal, healthy and necessary part of life — especially in the fast-paced business world — but many people are strongly opposed to anything that threatens the stability of their standard routine. As the boss, you’ve probably noticed that some of your team members thrive on change, while others panic at any hint of it.

It’s important to understand why those who resist change behave the way they do, so you can work with them to move past their fears. Implementing new practices and procedures takes a great deal of work and your entire team must be onboard to make the initiative a success.

3 Ways to Help Your Staff Better Adapt to Change

Ready to introduce a big change at your company? Follow these tips to help your team successfully make the transition.

  1. Clearly explain the reason for the shift. Many people are afraid of the unknown — especially in the workplace. Oftentimes, changes bring layoffs, demotions and restructuring that majorly impacts employees’ lives. Be honest with your staff about why you’ve decided to execute these adjustments, so they know exactly where they stand. It’s much easier to adapt when you know why the changes are happening and what they mean for you.
  2. Help employees adapt to new changes. After doing the same work for months or years, people gain a certain level of expertise at their jobs. When you disrupt this comfort zone with forced change, many employees fear they won’t be able to live up to your expectations. Ease their nerves by reassuring them you’re well aware adjusting to change is a learning process that takes time and you expect plenty of mistakes to happen along the way.
  3. Implement changes slowly. Even your most resilient team members may have a hard time coping if you shake up their world all at once. Change is much easier to digest when introduced gradually, so break the new venture up into small pieces and employ it incrementally. After people adjust to one step, move on to the next, and continue this pattern until the transition is in full effect.

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