Employee engagement is key to building your strong corporate brand. Your employees are actively promoting – or devaluing – your company’s values, vision and mission every time they share related information in public, whether it’s through personal contact or on social media.

Realize that your team members have an impact beyond their day-to-day work tasks, and ensure they are consistently making positive contributions as brand ambassadors.

Set an Example

Open communication and transparency are contagious. They build similar traits in employees. Research has shown that effective communication and openness regarding company goals and performance, and the contribution of individual successes to the business as a whole make employees more engaged and loyal. Then, they are more likely to spread the good word via their own networks.

  • Don’t blow smoke. Avoid sugarcoating the issues. Share concerns with people and get them involved in solutions.
  • Create an environment where everyone feels positive and enriched. You set the tone. Use internal communication platforms like intranets to enable employees to connect with one another, share their stories, celebrate successes and feel part of a community.
  • Listen to your employees. Never discount their feedback. Actively listen to them and to what they are hearing from customers and contacts. If you ask employees to share feedback and then do nothing with it, your best efforts and engagement and brand support will backfire.

Empower Employees on Social Media

The internet is a powerful driver of public opinion for every company. While a strong corporate presence is very important, your employees hold more power than you may realize. In one recent study, results indicated that social media posts by employees reached 56 percent further than company posts.

  • Support employee engagement on social media. When you have information you want shared, put it out on multiple channels, multiple times. Not everyone will read an email, join a company-wide meeting or check their intranet, but chances are they will do at least one of these things. Be very clear about what people can share versus what needs to stay internal. If your employees feel they are in the know and that you trust them, they will act appropriately.
  • Create a social media policy that ensures employees have a strong understanding of your organizational goals and vision. Direct them to follow your company on social media sites and share updates with their networks. When you share news with employees, include some pre-formulated status updates. This will save them time and give them the extra nudge to share them.
  • Provide training. Not everyone feels comfortable with social media. Help employees feel more at ease by offering training. Not surprisingly, Dell does a great job of this. If you don’t have the resources for a formal training program, hold brown bag lunch and learns, work it into your new-hire orientation, and send out tips. Even a little guidance can go a long way.

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