As a manager, you have serious sway over your employees. A great boss creates a second-to-none culture that’s fun, engaging and rewarding, while a subpar manager only inspires people to find a new job. Clearly, you want to model your behavior after the former, but knowing how to do this isn’t always easy. Being the boss doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so sometimes it’s hard to know which direction to turn.

People look up to you because you’re in a position of power. You need to be cognizant of your behavior at all times. Successful managers lead by example, so adopt these traits to follow in their footsteps.

  1. Treat Your Employees Kindly

Kindness starts at the top, so treat your team with the same level of humanity and respect you expect them to exert. You set the tone for the group. When your staff sees you being nice to everyone, they’ll follow suit. It’s hard to work alongside a mean and nasty person you despise, whether a boss or colleague. Create a harmonious environment fueled on amiability.

  1. Follow Your Own Rules

It’s hard for employees to take your rules seriously if you can’t even follow them yourself. Some bosses put policies and procedures in place for a very good reason, and others just do it to show authority. Prove your rules have merit by adhering to them, just as you expect everyone else to. For example, if you require everyone to be in the office by 9 a.m. every morning, this rule also applies to you.

  1. Hold Yourself Accountable

In business, mistakes happen every day — and that’s okay. You probably commit your own fair share of blunders; hold yourself accountable, learn from them and move on. Nothing good happens when employees try to cover up their mistakes, pass the blame or run from them. Make people feel comfortable owning their slipups because their manager does the same.

  1. Request Feedback

You’re the boss, but certainly not the only person on the team. You hired a staff of very talented people because they have a lot to offer, so ask for their input. When you make big decisions a group effort, your employees learn the benefits of collaboration. Great things happen when people work together, so foster an environment where everyone has a voice.

  1. Be a Team Player

For employees, there are few things more irritating than having a boss who won’t roll up their sleeves and work alongside employees. Create a strong team by getting your hands dirty when the going gets rough. For example, if everyone is working late to solve a production issue or handle a heavy volume of customers, jump in to help out and don’t leave the office until everyone else does.

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