When interviewing candidates, hiring managers take more than each person’s skills and experience into consideration. You might be the candidate most qualified for the job, but if you don’t seem enthused about the work, you won’t get hired. Simply put, skills can be learned, but a passion for the work is innate.

Hiring managers think the position they’re trying to fill is pretty great, so they expect candidates to feel the same way. From their perspective, if you can’t muster up excitement during the interview phase, you’re bound to be bored immediately. No one wants to hire someone who just wants a paycheck from the first company willing to offer one up.

You might have the best credentials the hiring manager has ever seen, but if you couldn’t care less about the job, you won’t get hired. Unenthusiastic candidates are a liability that hiring managers have no desire to take on.

  1. Show Interest in the Work

Technically, anyone with the required skill set can do the job, but employers don’t want someone who’s just going to do the bare minimum. Enthusiastic candidates truly care about the work and will give it their all. These people are filled with fresh ideas to bring to the job and can’t wait to start exceeding the boss’s expectations.

  1. Be Valuable Team Player

No one wants to work with someone uninterested in their job. Clashes are bound to happen if an indifferent new hire is added to a team of people filled with passion for their work. This person will cramp the style of the entire team and hold everyone back. Those committed to doing their best will be constantly frustrated by their new team member’s halfhearted attitude.

  1. Display Desire for a Future With the Company

The hiring process is very costly and time-intensive, so managers want to choose a candidate likely to stay with the company for quite some time. If someone is uninterested in the work, it seems unlikely the company is part of their long-term plan. As soon as they find a job they’re actually interested in, they’ll be out the door and the team will be short a member yet again.

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