Knowing which questions to ask candidates during a job interview can be a challenge. To choose the right person, you need to find out as much as possible about them, but all questions don’t garner the same amount of information.

One that will likely make your list is asking the candidate to describe their greatest weakness. A great choice to add to your line of questioning, you can gain valuable information from this response, but don’t overlook the value of also finding their biggest strength. Knowing where a candidate believes they excel can offer keen insights on their fit for the job.

Pay close attention to these three parts of the candidate’s response to this telling question.


If the candidate shares a laundry list of strengths, that’s a problem for two reasons. First, no one excels at everything, so you need someone who truly understands their strong points and demonstrates this by sharing no more than three. Second, you want to hire a humble person willing to admit they’re not amazing at everything, instead of an arrogant know-it-all.

Supported With Stories

Anyone can claim to have certain strengths, but talk is cheap until these merits are backed up. A great response to this question includes at least one story to support every strong point noted. This puts the person’s skills in context and helps you better gauge their fit for the job. If the person can’t provide an example of how they’ve used a noted strength in real life, their level of expertise probably isn’t too substantial.

Tailored to Fit the Job

You’re interested in the candidate’s strengths relative to the job — not a list of ways they excel in general. Savvy job seekers understand this and will shape their response to fit the situation. Not only does this make for a better response to the question, it also demonstrates the person’s high level of adaptability.

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