Searching for the right person to fill an open position at your company is incredibly stressful and time-consuming, so finally finding your dream candidate feels amazing. What doesn’t feel great is having that generous job offer rejected by your top choice. Unfortunately, this happens rather frequently, as the best and brightest candidates often receive multiple offers and have very specific demands.

Try not to take the rejection seriously, as the person is just trying to do what’s best for them. If you were in their shoes, you’d do the same. Now that you’ve completed the hiring process but still haven’t filled the position, it’s time to regroup and figure out your next move.

Don’t Feel Obligated to Make a Counteroffer

When you’ve found the candidate you really want, it can be tempting to offer anything to get them to choose the job at your company. However, it doesn’t make sense to stretch your budget or give the person more than they’re worth. Plus, you want someone who is genuinely excited to join your team — not a candidate looking for the best compensation package. In most cases, it’s typically best to cut your losses and move on.

Evaluate Remaining Candidates

If you had a tough time deciding between a few impressive candidates, now is the time to reassess these people to see if any should be brought back into consideration. Be honest with yourself about each person’s true fit for the job and the reasons you passed them up. It’s crucial not to let desperation guide your decision. Ultimately, it’s much better to start over than extend an offer to the wrong person just to fill the position.

Partner With a Staffing Firm

If you’re headed back to the drawing board, consider taking on a staffing partner this time around. Recruiters have a pipeline of qualified talent available allowing them to find the right fit quickly and efficiently. Hopefully your top choice will never turn you down again, but if you continue the relationship with your recruiter, it will be a non-issue if it happens again.

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