If your company is experiencing an expanding client base and rapid growth as a result, it’s a good problem to have … but as you celebrate your success, don’t lose sight of the very people who made it happen: your employees. Change – even change for the better – is never easy, and for some team members, it can be downright stressful.

Be sure to treat each employee as the unique and valuable individual they are, clarify expectations and keep communication lines open as your company evolves and drives successfully through periods of significant change.

Maintain High Engagement

As a company leader, you need to highlight your brand’s big business wins in an all-inclusive way. There should be no employee left behind. Make sure that everyone, from senior management to the lowest rank-and-file worker, feels both valued and a key part of your organization’s mission.

Keep your team satisfied and united during periods of rapid growth by using these tips:

  • Set expectations early on. If each one of your employees knows what they are signing up for, right from the start, they are more likely to stay engaged and involved during rapid growth periods. Have robust orientation and onboarding processes, which include new hires meeting with their peers across all departments, as well as with key members of your company leadership team. When people understand other roles and how their own positions interact across the company, they will feel more valuable in their contributions.
  • Get to know people on a personal level. It’s always important to know your employees. But, it becomes even more critical during times of change. Employees who feel a direct and genuine connection to upper management will likewise feel a stronger relationship, loyalty and accountability to their company. Budget real time into your calendar to interact with employees – and don’t let this take a back seat to the myriad other commitments vying for your time.
  • Communicate. Communicate. Talk to your employees – using the most effective media mix. Do this on a regular basis, every day, without exception. Build a culture of communication. There is no single, cookie-cutter formula for communication success; it boils down to using the tools your people relate to and engage in. If you really know them, you will know what these tools are. Incorporate them into your company communications strategy.

Is your company experiencing rapid growth? Even the biggest, best business developments can become overwhelming. Protect your most valuable asset – your people – by building a strategy to enhance their engagement and productivity during these heady times. If you need assistance, read our related posts or contact the StaffMasters team today.


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