Building your dream team starts with attracting the talent you need to move your business forward. And the best talent is often the most elusive – those passive candidates who in today’s market, often have many options as to their next career step.

Your employer brand is what shapes the perception of former, current and prospective employees with regard to your organization. It is what sets you apart and defines you as an employer of choice. When candidates research your company online, they should find a strong brand, a positive culture, and a set of core values that aligns with their own.

Optimize Your Digital Assets

Entice the most desirable candidates and build a robust talent pool by optimizing your company’s online reputation.

  • Use social media to communicate your core values and show off your culture. Give prospects a window into what it’s like to work for your organization. Include testimonials you can leverage to attract top talent.
  • Monitor and engage with third-party review sites. Along with social media, customers and former employees can rate, evaluate and share their opinions of your company on review sites like Google and Glassdoor. Consistently and carefully monitor these sites to see what people are saying about your company. Build your profile of reviews by asking current employees to write about their positive experiences at your company.
  • Use your company website as a recruitment tool. A professionally designed site with carefully curated content is among your most valuable talent attraction and retention tools. Research has shown that 90 percent of professionals research a company online before considering employment there. On your website, include an About Us page with leadership and team bios. These add a vital human element and help candidates to gain an understanding of what types of people fit on your team.
  • Create a blog to draw further positive attention. The benefits are twofold. First, through informative posts that address the interests, needs and pain points of candidates, you establish your company as a thought leader within its industry. Equally important is the fact that your blog can enhance your company’s chances of being found in search results.

More Tips

A few more suggestions for attracting top talent by building your employer reputation include:

  • Sell your organization. In one survey, 90 percent of professionals said companies should actively market themselves to job seekers. This includes highlighting their culture and the unique perks they offer.
  • Treat candidates like customers. Because they are. For instance, 60 percent of professionals agreed that lack of follow-up by a company after a person applies for a job is the most harmful blow to an employer’s reputation.
  • Proofread your job ads. The devil really is in the details. Nearly 20 percent of job seekers noted that errors in a job posting negatively affect an employer.
  • Harness the power of referrals. Seventy percent of professionals have no problem recommending friends and family members for jobs. Your current employees are your best brand ambassadors.

As you focus on building your positive employer brand, call on the staffing experts at StaffMasters to help you strategize and execute the best plan, tools and tactics for success. Contact us today so we can tell you more!


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