Adding new members to your workforce on a temporary basis may not seem that important at first. But, when they are effectively managed, temporary employees can be a true asset and perhaps even an investment in your future.

Here are some tips on best practices for managing temporary employees:

Treat temps like regulars.

Inclusion will help optimize productivity and morale across the entire team. Be mindful as you orient and onboard temporary employees, as well as support and train them. Include them in your regular schedules, staff meetings and day-to-day activities. Extend this to after-hours socialization. If they decline to participate, that’s fine, but make them feel welcome and part of your plans.

  • Be prepared prior to their arrival. Don’t wait until the day before or the morning of their start date to gather needed documents or prepare their work area. Make sure that everything your temp needs is ready when they arrive on the job.
  • Welcome them. Even if they’re only with you for a few days, make your temporary employees feel welcome and respected. Introduce them to their co-workers and members of other departments with whom they will interact. Give them a tour. Be sure they are well versed in such important details as dress code, parking, and where they can find the cafeteria or the restroom.
  • Don’t overload them – but also don’t accept poor performance. A major reason for hiring temps is to handle increased workloads. However, don’t overload the schedules of your temporary workers. Remember, they have been hired to perform a specific job. Don’t assign them work they are not qualified for or that is above their pay scale.
  • Be a mentor. This is not exclusive to regular full-time employees. The best temporary or seasonal workers also are looking to grow their careers. Seeing how you can help them do this while they are working for you will make their time more profitable for both of you.
  • Solicit their input. Moving from assignment to assignment and company to company means temporary workers have a great deal of diverse knowledge. Pick their brains as appropriate, honing in on any correlations to the work your company does. Encourage them to weigh in whenever it may be helpful.

Plan for the future.

Just because you’ve hired someone on a short-term basis doesn’t mean they have to stay temporary. Think outside that box. The best workers are worth keeping on, even if this means cross training them or creating a role for them.

  • Stay in touch. Even if you do not or cannot permanently hire a good temp, keep in touch with them after their assignment at your company ends. You may be able to use them again – on either a temporary or a full-time basis – in the future. When that time comes, you’ll save valuable recruitment, training and onboarding time and expense.

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