You’ve been doing temporary work for a while, but now you’re ready to start searching for a full-time gig. During your time as a temp, you had the opportunity to work for many different companies and learned a lot of new skills that really boosted your resume. This diverse experience is fantastic, but you need to highlight it in a savvy manner.

Follow these three tips to present your temporary experience to potential employers in the best possible way.

  1. Use a Functional Format

Draw attention to your skills and accomplishments — rather than your nontraditional work history — by using a functional resume format. Unlike the standard chronological style, this structure places your skills and accomplishments at the top of the page, and your work history at the bottom. This lets you sell the reader on your fit for the job first, so they don’t get distracted by a slew of temporary assignments.

  1. Group Temp Jobs Together

If you’ve worked a few temp jobs, listing them separately is fine. However, if you’ve had several, it’s best to group them together under the umbrella of the staffing firm.

For example: StaffMasters, Charlotte, NC

3rd Shift Machine Operator, XYZ Company (Sept. 2016-Dec. 2016)

Forklift Operator, ABC Company (May 2016-Sept. 2016)

Machine Operator, KLM Company (Jan. 2016-May 2016)

  1. Include Only Relevant Assignments

Your resume shouldn’t exceed two pages, but if you have a lot of temp experience, it could easily turn into a novel. Avoid this by only listing temp jobs that relate to the position you’re trying to secure. For example, you might’ve spent a couple months doing data entry to pay the bills a few years ago, but this is irrelevant if you’re trying to get a job as a forklift operator.

Avoid distracting the hiring manager by sticking to only applicable information. This makes it much easier to see why you’re the best person for the job and ensures they won’t get bored by a painfully long resume.

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