You won’t be surprised to hear that mid-May is the time of year when employee productivity hits it low point – as opposed to September, when it peaks. Who doesn’t get distracted from their routine when summer rolls around?

Not only does the temperature rise, but often, team members’ minds are on vacations and other seasonal plans and activities, which can naturally turn their attention away from the latest production targets or sales plans. But, don’t be discouraged. There are ways to keep employees on track during the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer …

Build the Right Culture

The right company culture shapes employee attitudes and performance on a year-round basis. Create a culture of ownership, so people are always driven to give their best. As noted by author S. Chris Edmonds, “Culture can inspire cooperative interaction and teamwork to boost production, quality and service, or frustrate employees so they just go through the motions daily.”

  • Take time to get to know your employees as people. Find out what makes them tick: their interests, hobbies, priorities and passions. Some may value more time with their families, while others focus on continuing education or mentorship. Listen to them and be prepared to respond accordingly.
  • Have fun! Build fun into your workplace environment. It’s not just a cliché: A happy employee is a productive employee. Make the most of summertime by holding a family open house: have a barbecue, but also provide tours, so families can see the inner workings of your company. Treat your team to an afternoon at the ball park or the zoo, for a combination of outdoor fun, socialization and maybe even some creative brainstorming. Arrange for local food trucks to set up in your parking lot or host an ice cream bar every Friday afternoon.

Lead by Example

Being an effective leader throughout the year will encourage people to maximum productivity. Motivate employees by combining inspiration and rewards.

  • Share your knowledge, so others can use it. Then, reward those who do well. Last but not least, make people feel valued. If employees have any reason to question their purpose, there will be a loss of motivation and excitement. And that day at the beach will start looking better and better.

Think about it. As you go the extra mile to keep engagement high during the summer months, you may just formulate some ideas that work for the rest of the year, too.

The workforce development experts at StaffMasters have a wealth of ideas for building employee motivation to continually improve productivity, regardless of the season. Contact us today so we can customize a strategy that works for your company and its people.


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