Oftentimes, you only have a couple minutes to speak with a prospective employer, so you need to make them count. Having a well-rehearsed personal pitch ready to go can be your key to success, but many job seekers miss their golden opportunity by simply restating their resume.

A personal pitch is your chance to explain why you’re a top candidate and leave an unforgettable impression. If the person is intrigued, they’ll ask to see your resume. The pitch should be used to share supplemental details that provide a well-rounded picture of you, instead of restating what’s already on paper.

4 Keys to a Winning Personal Pitch

  1. Let Your Personality Shine

When searching for candidates, hiring managers look for people they would enjoy working alongside. Use this time to highlight your friendly disposition and passion for the work. Many employers value cultural fit even more than a skills match, so if you hit it off, you’ll have an edge, even if you’re not the most qualified person on their radar. Remember to smile a lot, maintain eye contact and offer a firm handshake.

  1. Explain What You Have to Offer

Employers aren’t interested in boosting your career; they want to know what value you can bring their company. Tell a story highlighting your strengths relative to the job or explain how your skill set can be used to solve a specific problem their organization is experiencing. If you focus on them, you’ll have their full attention.

  1. State Your End Goal

While you don’t want to concentrate too much on your motives, you do need the person to understand what you want. Make it clear you’re actively pursuing new opportunities and state the type of position on your radar. Leave no room for vagueness. You might only get one chance to talk to the person, so make it count.

  1. Say It in One Minute or Less

Most personal pitches are given on the fly at a networking event or similar activity, so you need to get to the point — and fast. The person may not have longer than a minute to chat, and if they do, you’ll lose their attention after a few minutes anyway. Get to the point so they remember the important details instead of crowding their memory of you with a jumble of useless information.

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