Temporary workers can be an incredible asset to your company. When you need extra staffers in a pinch or someone with a specialized skill set for a project, your staffing partner can deliver these talented professionals to your office in a flash. However, it’s important to realize temporary employees aren’t the answer to all your staffing needs.

Equally important is finding candidates with great potential for long-term success. Diamonds in the rough, some may come into your office with a lot to learn, but with a little polishing, they’ll shine bright at your company for years.

Find out when to fill a position with a temporary worker and when to focus on someone who’s in it for the long-term.

Hiring for a Position vs. the Bigger Picture

  1. Focus on Future Goals

Does the position align with the future of your company? If the role is crucial right now, but has an expiration date, sticking with temporary workers probably makes the most sense. However, if you don’t see an end in sight for the job, it’s best to hire someone who can step into the role and make it their own. Your company loses valuable knowledge every time a temporary staffer walks out the door, which is hindering your success.

  1. Consider Cultural Fit

Finding a candidate who perfectly meshes with your team isn’t easy. Skills can be acquired, but people don’t tend to develop astonishingly different personality traits. If the need for a certain position is short-lived, you might be able to get away with hiring the person with the most impressive resume, even if they don’t blend well with the rest of your staff. However, if the job has a long-term spot on your roster, it’s in your best interest to hire for personality, as people don’t tend to stay at companies where they don’t fit in.

  1. Be Open-Minded

The truth is, you might not have the budget to take on as many full-time staffers right now as you’d like. Proceeding with caution, instead of expanding too fast, is a very smart business move, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your mind open to expansion down the road. Take full advantage of this opportunity to carefully evaluate your temporary employees and gauge their long-term fit. You might not be able to offer a staff position now, but when you’re ready, you’ll know who to reach out to.

Whether you need temporary employees or a comprehensive workforce management solution, StaffMasters has you covered. Leave the recruiting, screening, selection and staffing management to us, so you can focus on keeping your business running smoothly. Contact us today to get started!


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