All good relationships take time to develop. Building a collaborative partnership with your staffing firm is well worth the effort. It will help ensure your company always has access to the best talent to stay competitive and meet ongoing business demands.

Follow these tips to make the most of your staffing partnership:

  1. Connect with one partner.

Working with a single staffing firm reduces costs, focuses your search processes within tailored candidate pools, and allows you to resolve a host of issues with a single contact.

  • Screen a number of firms. Find the one that’s right for you.
  • Work closely with your staffing partner to maximize communications and results.
  1. Communicate often.

Ongoing communication is the key to a strong working relationship – and your connection to your staffing partner is no exception. The more information you provide about your needs, your expectations, and your organization’s strategy and goals, the better equipped your staffing firm is to deliver.

  • Regular feedback on recommended candidates helps your firm to keep moving – and keep you and your company working – in the right direction.
  • Give your staffing firm a heads up whenever you update a job description, have a new opening, need to put an order on hold, or encounter a potential obstacle during a job search.
  1. Share valuable insights.

Look to your staffing firm to stay up to date on changes and developments in the industry, including hiring and compensation trends. The more you’re in the loop, the better you’ll be able to predict and define your talent management needs.

  • Inform your staffing partner of any changes to your requirements, especially if you are creating a new position and could use their guidance.
  • If you’ve attempted to fill a job on your own but failed, it can be useful to share your story with your staffing firm. How far did you get? What hurdles did you encounter? They can use this information to ensure your company is offering a compelling opportunity that is in line with what other leading employers have to offer.
  1. Implement a follow-up process.

Keep your staffing firm informed of the progress of new hires, and if needed, any suggested improvements. Timely, honest follow-up will help your firm recruit the right talent for you in the future.

When evaluating employee performance, consider these questions:

  • Is the individual meeting expectations as outlined in the job description?
  • Are they working professionally and meeting deadlines?
  • Do they fit in well with their colleagues and your company culture?
  • Do they require a lot of instruction, supervision and hand-holding?

The specialized recruiters at StaffMasters are committed to building successful long-term relationships that ensure the right client/candidate match. Contact us today to learn more about our full spectrum of staffing and talent management services.

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