After posting a job, hiring managers typically receive an influx of resumes that are carefully screened to find the most promising candidates — and you’re one of them! Receiving an interview invitation isn’t easy, so you should be very proud of yourself.

Now that you’ve set a date for the interview, it’s time to start preparing. Your resume has already proven you have the basic skills to do the job, so you need to make it clear you’re an all-around fit. Focus on these three areas, because they’ll be carefully scrutinized during the meeting.

  1. Interest in the Role

The hiring manager thinks this job is pretty special, so they’re not going to hire someone who appears indifferent about it. Employees who are passionate about their work produce better results, have higher levels of job satisfaction and are much more loyal to their employers than those just chasing a paycheck.

Research the company and have solid responses ready explaining exactly why you want to work there. Nerves can easily get the best of you in a job interview, but don’t forget to smile a lot.

  1. Cultural Fit

Perhaps more important than a skills fit, the hiring manager needs to know you’ll easily adapt to the company culture. If you don’t, you probably won’t last long in the job, so this will be carefully evaluated.

Prior to the interview, carefully review the company’s social media pages, blog and even reviews on sites like Glassdoor to learn as much as possible about their culture. Use this knowledge to explain — and demonstrate — why you’re a great fit. Of course, if after researching you realize it’s not the place for you, respectfully decline the interview and move on to the next.

  1. Deeper Review of Your Qualifications

Your resume gave the hiring manager a basic overview of your skills and experience, but the interview is the time to learn more. Expect to answer tough questions, such as your greatest weakness, biggest mistake made on-the-job and what you expect from a manager.

Depending on the nature of the job, you may be asked to undergo a skills assessment. You’ll be just fine if you anticipate these questions and spend plenty of time formulating outstanding responses prior to the big day.

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