Talent acquisition and management are by far among the biggest expenses for any company. And if you make a bad hire, the fallout can be devastating. The right recruitment partner saves you time, money – and a lot of heartache – by helping to ensure that you make the right hiring decision, the first time around.

Save Time

A staffing firm that specializes in talent sourcing for your specific industry has a broad candidate base, with skilled professionals who can step in and meet your needs. This saves you the time involved in combing through countless resumes from unqualified candidates – and cut directly to those you can use.

  • Your recruitment partner will handle many of the most time-consuming aspects of the hiring process. This includes background checks, drug screenings, skills testing and prescreening interviews. You still make the final decision, but the rest is done for you.
  • It’s all they do. Recruitment specialists devote 100 percent of their time to finding staffing solutions – not a luxury you can afford while still trying to run your business or department.

Reduce Turnover

A poor-performing employee can take up to 20 percent of a manager’s time. If you wind up having to replace a problematic staff member, the additional time involved in rehiring, onboarding and training eats up another huge chuck of your budget.

  • Your staffing firm assesses candidates for the right fit, before they even walk through your door. In many cases, they have already established a relationship with a prospect, so they have a good idea whether or not they will meet your standards and fit your company culture.

Lower Overtime

Overtime costs can climb rapidly during busy periods and times of unusually high customer demand. By utilizing temporary employees supplied by your recruitment partner, you can reduce or eliminate the need to pay overtime to your full-time employees – and avoid burning out your best performers.

  • Whether it’s a temporary or direct hire, your recruitment partner can provide employees who already have the skills and experience to fill your positions. This minimizes training time and costs.
  • Benefits add up to nearly 25 percent of a company’s payroll costs. Using temps provided by your staffing partner, you avoid this expense line on your HR budget.

Glean Industry Insight

Your specialized recruitment partner can offer in-depth insight into your industry and related staffing trends. They can pass this knowledge on to you, so you can make more informed talent management decisions. They are up to date on such key market intelligence as pay ranges for relevant positions, hiring challenges and opportunities, and where to find the best talent – including elusive passive candidates.

Do you need a recruitment partner you can trust? For a reliable, high-value staffing experience that will withstand the test of time, contact StaffMasters today. We have a track record of success with employers throughout the Carolinas. Let us deliver the strategic talent management solutions you need for today and tomorrow.


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