Engaged, satisfied employees work better, meet or exceed production goals, keep your workplace safer and set higher quality standards than those who are there only for a paycheck. When your team members are more loyal, your workplace thrives.

So, how do you build – and maintain – an optimal level of employee loyalty?

Build a Winning Culture

Loyalty can be tough to achieve and retain, especially if you are competing with other light industrial employers. Here are some steps to take:

  • Recognize and reward. If your employees feel valued, they will see their jobs as important. Make them feel a sense of ownership. If you appropriately acknowledge their milestones and achievements, their motivation will naturally increase as they feel more personally and professionally connected to your organization.
  • Promote work/life balance. The more your employees believe you care about them and their lives – not just their work – the more committed they will become to your company and its mission, goals and needs. Communicate with them and consistently demonstrate you know them as individuals and respect not only their positions, but them – as unique men and women.
  • Keep your door open. Actively listen to your team members. Be accessible. Take their ideas and suggestions into consideration; follow up, respond and act on them. Give more than just lip service to suggestions submitted and ideas expressed in meetings. People become more loyal when they feel their opinions and contributions are valued.
  • Offer additional support in crunch times. When a workforce is short staffed, people can become overwhelmed, stressed and burned out. Partner with a specialized staffing agency to ease the burden. This shows you are focused on your people and the quality of your workplace, not just on meeting the daily numbers.

StaffMasters can provide your light industrial organization with the best temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire candidates for your open positions, no matter what level of expertise you’re seeking or shifts you need to fill. We’ve been meeting the needs of leading employers throughout the Carolinas for more than 30 years. Contact us today and let us tailor a staffing strategy to your unique workplace.


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