Starting a new job is equal parts exciting and terrifying. You can’t wait to dive into the work, but first you must get situated and learn the ropes. The first day is always a bit awkward, so give yourself a pass if you get a little tongue-tied or make a few mistakes. In no time at all, you’ll feel like you’ve been part of the team forever.

First impressions are everything, so get off on the right foot by putting your best self forward. You can’t control every aspect of your day, but there’s plenty of things you can.

Leave Home Early

Even if you’re familiar with your new route to work, you probably don’t know what it’s like during morning rush hour. Traffic could be worse than expected or you might make a wrong turn, so leave a few minutes early. The last thing you want is to be late on your first day, or arrive stressed because you had to rush to beat the clock. If you arrive super early, treat yourself to a cup of coffee until it’s time to head in.

Dress Conservatively

You’re going to be meeting a lot of people on your first day of work, and wearing an outrageous outfit isn’t the impression you want to make. In addition to abiding by the company dress code, it’s best to wear nice, yet understated attire. You’ll have plenty of time to make fashion statements after you ease into the team.

Show Enthusiasm

No doubt, you’ll be greeted by your boss and new colleagues with open arms, so return the sentiment. Orientation activities aren’t always the most exciting, but you’ll learn a lot of necessary information. Listen carefully, do as you’re told and smile often to show how excited you are to be there.

Behave Like a Professional

At most companies, employees are allowed to take personal calls and browse the internet within reason, but these activities aren’t acceptable on your first day. Put your phone on silent and if need something to do, read your orientation paperwork. Engaging in personal business on your first day of work won’t sit well with your boss.

Ask Plenty of Questions

No one expects you to know your way around on your first day, so ask questions. This is the only way to get acclimated to the company, and doing so shows your desire to learn. Even if you feel a little embarrassed to ask some questions, it’s almost certain the other person won’t think twice about it.

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