What traits should you look for as you interview candidates for light industrial positions?

The cost of a poor hire can be devastating, so you want to find the best combination of general and industry-specific qualities that define optimal performance and success.

Keep these three areas at the top of your list:

Math and Reasoning Abilities

A foundation of solid math skills is essential, especially for employees who will be responsible for shipping and warehouse functions, such as transferring inventory or loading and unloading shipments. Look for dexterity and efficiency in counting, cross checking, picking and staging orders and shipments and the ability to properly handle stock.

  • Spatial reasoning is a related strength. This is especially important for employees who may be asked to determine whether an item will fit into a space or if a certain part goes with a machine.

Organizational Skills and Attention to Detail

The average light industrial environment can be chaotic. Team members who are well-organized require less assistance and demand less of your supervisors’ time and energy.

  • Close attention to detail is necessary to prevent defects.
  • A proactive approach to identifying potential problems often comes with good organizational abilities. This is particularly beneficial in assembly and quality control roles.

Teamwork and Multitasking

The ability to work well and communicate effectively with peers, managers, vendors, and internal and external customers is key. This means not just following directions, but also knowing when and how to step in and contribute. You don’t want an environment of micromanagement. It’s neither healthy nor productive for your employees, your team or your company.

  • Look for ease of multitasking. Being able to adapt quickly and transition seamlessly from one task to the next should make a candidate truly stand out.
  • You want employees who are willing to actively listen as each situation demands.

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