How much does your company reputation matter in recruiting?

The leading candidates you want to woo are also in high demand by your competition. And everything they’ve ever heard, read or witnessed about your organization will influence their decision whether to pursue an opportunity there. Long before they ever meet you, if they’re smart (and that’s what you want in your employees, right?), they will know all about your company.

This is War!

While the term “talent war” has been around for 20 years, it resonates with a new strength in today’s economy. The search is on for ways to make your company and your recruiting process more attractive to leading prospects.

  • In one recent study of 527 MBA students at 12 top business schools in the U.S., Europe and Asia, 96 percent of respondents said reputation was an important factor in their choice of a potential employer.

Branding Matters

Your employer brand is more than just a first impression. It plays a major role throughout your recruitment process.

  • The information candidates have about your company leaves them with a lasting impression of what it’s like to work there. Monitor social media and online conversations about your organization, and respond promptly and appropriately. Adding your voice to the conversation provides control over your company reputation.
  • If a candidate has never heard of your company, they may hesitate to interview with you. The best scenario is a plethora of positive information is available for them to experience. Populate the web with this type of content, along with favorable word-of-mouth communication. A great place to start is with your current high-performing employees, who serve as your best brand ambassadors.
  • Social responsibility is critical. Public issues such as a company’s strong ethical practices are more crucial than ever as candidates plot their futures. Often, people are willing to sacrifice even pay and promotions in order to join organizations that are actively engaged in good social practices.

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to hiring today. To optimize your company reputation and build your related hiring and talent management strategy, consider turning to the expert team at StaffMasters. Read our related posts or contact us today, so we can tell you more.


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