It’s exciting to narrow a huge stack of job applications down to a few promising candidates. Going into the interview phase, you probably have your eye on a few top contenders, but don’t let their flashy resumes cloud your judgment.

In the moment, certain things might not seem like a big deal, but they hold much more weight than you realize. If a candidate displays any of these three red flags, do yourself a favor and eliminate them from the running.

Arriving Late

Life doesn’t always run on a set schedule, so you don’t get mad when employees occasionally arrive a few minutes late to work. Being an understanding boss is great, but this relaxed attitude doesn’t apply to candidates interviewing for jobs at your company.

A job interview is a big deal, so the kind of person you want to hire will always allow plenty of extra time for a prompt arrival. If a candidate can’t even show up on time for an interview, they’ll probably have trouble being punctual for work.

Bad-Mouthing a Former Employer

It’s not uncommon for people to leave their jobs due to a personality conflict with their boss or a poor cultural fit overall. Even the most talented workers don’t thrive at every company, but those with an easygoing personality would never bring this up in a job interview.

If a candidate trashes their former boss, colleagues or company in the interview, take this as a sign they’re probably difficult to work with. Positive people choose to focus on the good and look towards the future, while those with a negative attitude concentrate on the past. If hired, you can be certain they’ll say the same disparaging things about your company during their next round of job interviews.

Excessive Bragging

The best candidates are confident enough to stand behind their decisions, but never arrogant. If the person spends much of the interview bragging about their accomplishments, they’re probably not a team player. Expect them to swoop in and try to take credit for work completed by others, which will — rightfully — lead to anger and resentment among the group.

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