Attending a career fair is a great way to meet several employers at once, but remember, the hundreds of other attendees have the same goal. By the end of the day, it’s inevitable that many job seekers will blend together in recruiters’ minds, so make yourself memorable.

Use these five tips to position yourself as a stand-out candidate recruiters can’t wait to learn more about.

Dress Your Best

Career fairs are essentially a cluster of informal job interviews, so you need to dress the part. Wearing business professional attire is a must because it shows you’re taking the event seriously. Candidates working the crowd in business casual or less just don’t make the same type of impression.

Polish Your Elevator Pitch

At most, you’ll have two minutes to sell yourself to recruiters at each booth, so make them count. Identify the type of job you want, explain the value you can add to the company and tailor your pitch to match your audience. This will take plenty of practice, so put the time and effort in before the big day.

Ask Informed Questions

To get the most from a job fair, advance preparation is a must. In the days and weeks before the event, conduct background research on the companies that will be in attendance, so you know which ones you’re interested in. From there, learn as much as possible about your top choices, so you can ask thought-provoking questions. Recruiters will take note, since most candidates will waste time with surface-level questions.

Be Organized

You don’t want to be bogged down with stuff at the career fair, but you need to something to hold several copies of your resume and all the business cards and other information you’ll collect throughout the day. Solve this by bringing a zippered portfolio case to keep everything in place, so you’re free to give plenty of strong handshakes.

Demonstrate Good Etiquette

Career fairs are less formal than a traditional job interview, but you must still mind your manners. Refer to recruiters as ‘Ms.’ and ‘Mr.,’ demonstrate gratitude for their time and promptly follow up by sending a brief thank-you note via email. These days, manners aren’t always a given, so those who display impeccable ones always stand out.

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