As an employer, the qualities you want in a new hire likely include job-related and technical skills, emotional intelligence and the right education and experience. And these are key requirements, of course. But one of the traits you truly need in each of your staff members is likability. In short, you need people who communicate effectively and work well with others. These are two simple, yet profoundly important, prerequisites to success.

Teamwork Matters

Strong teamwork skills are a critical component of likability because teamwork:

  • Increases efficiency: The entire work process becomes more efficient when everyone works toward a common goal or set of objectives. In the event that problems arise, there are more hands on deck to reach quick solutions.
  • Generates innovation: With teamwork, there is more scope for creativity. In a team environment, employees feel more confident in presenting their ideas. Teams also bring together people from different backgrounds and levels of experience.
  • Enhances engagement: Support and a sense of belonging contribute greatly to job satisfaction. Team members help and rely on each other, thus building powerful trust.

Effective Communication

Communication goes hand in hand with teamwork, as results-oriented team activities demand both verbal and written skills. Teamwork facilitates open discussion, which allows each person to be adequately informed about a project or task.

  • Strong, strategic communication helps build relationships, ensure the sharing of ideas and best practices, and benefits employees through coaching and counseling.
  • Communication is essential for teams to achieve their goals. All teams go through various stages of development, as outlined by business consultant Bruce Tuckman: from forming to storming and “norming” – and ultimately, performing. Effective communication ensures successful navigation through this process.

How to Spot a Likable Candidate

Look for these signs a candidate is naturally likable and will make a strong team member:

  • They are genuinely interested. Likable candidates tend to have done their homework by researching and getting to know your company and interviewers. Their remarks to this effect are not rehearsed or forced; rather, they convey genuine passion and interest.
  • They are naturally nice people. From the receptionist they meet in the lobby to the parking lot attendant on the way out, likable candidates demonstrate friendliness, courtesy and respect. When they greet you, their handshake, smile and eye contact are natural. You can tell right off the bat they’re being themselves – and those selves will click with the rest of your staff.

Hiring the right people is an absolute must. When it comes to assessing, screening and accurately evaluating prospective employees, the StaffMasters team can help you make the best decision, the first time around – avoiding costly mishires. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.


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