Many employees assume their bosses want them to be ‘yes’ men — or women — but it’s hard to shine when you blend in with the crowd. Safety is always a top priority with the best companies, and they want employees who share this conviction.

Oftentimes, the people who make the rules aren’t on the frontline during day-to-day operations, so they don’t realize certain processes and procedures are a detriment to employee safety. Consequently, they rely on outspoken workers willing to take a risk and call out actions that have danger written all over them.

3 Ways to Highlight Your Safety-First Mentality

Speak Up When You See Something Questionable

If a previously tried-and-true company policy is no longer a safe route, bring it to management’s attention immediately. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but the payoff can be incredible. Your boss will be impressed that you were courageous enough to challenge an existing practice, and you’ll feel good knowing you might’ve have prevented an injury — or even death.

Present Ideas for Innovation

Bringing safety concerns to your boss’s attention is admirable, but take it a step further by offering suggestions for improvement. Since you’re in the trenches, you’re likely in a position to provide the most effective guidance. Even if your exact approach isn’t implemented, management will be pleased you cared enough to present ideas that will make the workplace safer for everyone.

Follow Your Gut

Defying orders takes a lot of courage, but you can’t adhere to processes you’re certain pose a safety risk to you and your colleagues. You’ll have to live with your choice forever, so stand up for what you believe in. Any employer worth your time will respect your difficult decision to hold your ground, and will subsequently take your concerns seriously.

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