It can be easy to settle for less than the best when you hire a new employee – especially if you’re pressed by time or budgetary constraints. But hiring mediocre talent is not a trap you want to fall into, at least not without risking your company’s business resilience and reputation.

The Pitfalls of Mediocrity

Remember, when hiring, “good enough” never is. It’s worth taking the time and making the investment to get it right the first time, versus taking shortcuts.

A mediocre hire:

  • Lowers morale: When top performers see mediocre employees join the company, they feel they’re no longer on a winning team. New hires should be at the same level or even higher than current employees in order to encourage people to continually improve.
  • Hurts productivity: Mediocre employees simply don’t get as much done as their higher-performing counterparts – and what they do produce may be below standard. Plus, when co-workers see what someone else does just to get by, they may not be motivated to work as hard as they would be otherwise. Managers’ productivity falls as well, as mediocre workers drain their time and attention.
  • Threatens your reputation: When a mediocre employee interacts with a client or a potential future hire, they may convey the image that your whole organization is mediocre. Every employee is an ambassador for your company, so each hire should be someone you would be proud to have represent you in the marketplace.

Preventive Measures

To prevent mediocrity in hiring and performance:

  • Build a talent bench: Network and interview even when you don’t have a current opening. This ensures you won’t have to scramble when the need arises. You can simply reach out to someone you already know. You can even create a position for a high-demand candidate to avoid losing them to the competition.
  • Create measurable standards: Establish a baseline for what you expect from every candidate who enters your hiring pipeline. Develop your current team to the same standards. Emphasize the outstanding qualities demonstrated by your current high performers.
  • Improve your process: Continually assess and educate your hiring teams to make sure they use the latest and best techniques. If necessary, switch up interviewers.

Avoid mediocre hires by working with a specialized recruitment firm that understands your company’s goals and mission – and will source talent that shares the same vision. StaffMasters fills that role in the manufacturing, distribution, logistics, call center and administrative and professional areas, working with employers throughout the Carolinas. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.


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