One of the best ways to drive your business forward is to ensure your employees are continually learning. As you strengthen your employer brand image, support of ongoing employee development is good for your people – and good for your company.

In one recent study, 40 percent of people who received poor employee training reported they had left their companies within the first year. And 93 percent of those who felt valued were more motivated to do their best work. Keeping team members happy and appreciated is an easy way to ensure ongoing organizational growth.

Create a Learning Environment

Through your company culture, set the tone for your employees to continue their growth, development and education throughout their careers.

  • Ensure employees’ access to development opportunities. Encourage your employees and support them with the right resources so they can attend classes, workshops, seminars and conferences that focus on relevant skills. Afterwards, have them share what they’ve learned with their peers. Implement cross-departmental training. If possible, provide partial or full tuition reimbursement. It will go a long way toward not only attracting the best talent, but also allowing your employees to grow, learn, and be happy at work.
  • Offer specific, tailored programs. People will quickly become uninspired when they’re being instructed on something too basic or general, or being trained on something they already know. Detailed, team-specific professional development is far more effective.
  • Hire lifelong learners. Building your learning culture starts here. Don’t worry too much if prospective hires want to learn things not directly related to the job. By learning something new, whatever it is, they are honing the skill of learning, which is invaluable. But at the same time, partner with them to ensure their goals align with those of your business.
  • Provide upward mobility. If an employee is doing well, allow for promotion opportunities that give them a real sense of achievement. Even if your company doesn’t currently have any higher positions available, consider assigning extra responsibilities.
  • Start a mentoring program. It builds leadership and develops skills for both mentors and mentees.
  • Be a role model. Make professional development the norm at your company by leading by example. Be a lifelong learner yourself.

The workforce development experts at StaffMasters can help you design and implement a professional learning program that will bring out the best in every one of your employees – and position your business for long-term competitive success. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.


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