Getting a new job is incredibly exciting, but before you can start the next chapter of your career, you have to finish the current one. No matter what your thoughts on your current job, it’s important to leave on a positive note because you don’t want to burn bridges.

Use these tips to behave like a consummate professional when resigning from your job.

Give Proper Notice

If you’re really unhappy in your current job, it’s tempting to walk out as soon as your job offer is signed and delivered, but don’t do that. You need to give your current employer at least two weeks’ notice, because it’s the right thing to do.

Falling to follow standard protocol will anger your current boss, so you’ll never be able to use them as a reference. It might also alarm your new employer, because if you’re willing to pick up and leave this job without notice, you’ll likely do the same when you’re ready to move on from their company.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Leaving your job is not a free pass to say and do what you want during your final days of employment. No matter how you felt about your boss or a colleague, ride out your tenure with the company like a professional. Reckless behavior will cancel out all the good you did during your time with the company, and tarnish the relationships you worked so hard to develop.

Volunteer to Train Your Replacements

Chances are, your boss won’t have a chance to hire someone to take your place before you’re out the door, so your colleagues will have to pick up the slack. After your boss delegates your tasks, offer to train each person who will be stepping in for you. If possible, leave a set of written instructions for each task, so they have something to reference if they forget a step.

Don’t Slack Off

After quitting your job, it’s hard to stay motivated to keep working until your last day, but you must. Anything you don’t do will be left for your co-workers to complete, and that isn’t fair. If you leave them with a pile of work you could’ve completed yourself, they’ll want nothing to do with you in the future. Forget asking them to serve as a reference or introduce you to a contact that could boost your career.

Leave Your Contact Info

It isn’t mandatory, but if you want to go the extra mile, leave an email address or cell phone number where you can be contacted with any questions about your tasks. Even if you do a great job tying up loose ends, issues still might arise that would be easier to resolve with a quick word from you. Not taking this measure certainly won’t burn bridges, but it is a nice gesture.

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