Actions speak louder than words in a job interview, so show your fit by doing. Any candidate can claim to be the perfect match for the company, but you can stand out by actually serving as living proof.

The importance of demonstrating your cultural fit cannot be emphasized enough. Many employers actually favor cultural fit over a skills match, because it’s much easier to boost a new hire’s technical skills than try to change their personality.

4 Ways to Show an Interviewer You’re a Great Fit for the Job

Dress the Part

The general rule of job interview attire is to dress one level up from the company standard. Doing so is a sign of respect to the hiring manager, showing you’re taking the interview seriously, but makes it clear you have a solid grasp on the culture. First impressions hold a lot of weight, so if you show up in a suit and everyone else is wearing jeans and a T-shirt, you’ll definitely stand out — in a bad way.

Talk the Talk

Words alone won’t confirm your cultural fit, but the manner in which you express yourself can help your case. During the conversation, pay close attention to terms frequently used by the interviewer and their overall tone. Get on the same page by very lightly mirroring the person. They should only notice this subconsciously, so make sure your actions are imperceptible.

Emphasize Your (Relevant) Values

Prior to the interview, learn as much as possible about the organization by studying its website, blog and social media accounts. Use this to indirectly highlight your fit by stealthily weaving your values and passions that align with that of the company into conversation. Obviously, the interviewer is well aware of the organization’s core values, so they will make the connection.

Follow Up Properly

Sending a thank-you note is always a must after a job interview, and there are two ways to go about it. These days, most interviewers prefer to receive them via email, but there’s still plenty of old school companies that favor a handwritten note. By the time the interview is over, you should understand which route to take, and getting it right will further stress your fit.

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