What makes an employee successful and productive?

The answer is simple: Happiness.

If a person loves their job and looks forward to coming to work each day, they will be intrinsically motivated to be more productive. The key to creating a culture of productivity is getting employees engaged and excited enough about their work that they will naturally want to contribute more.

How to Foster Productivity

Here’s how you can take the lead in building employee engagement, and as a result, keep productivity and performance consistently on the rise:

  • Get to know your employees as people. Take a genuine interest as you learn about your individual employees’ goals, hobbies, values and aspirations. They will feel better understood and appreciated, and contribute more as a result.
  • Establish SMART goals. For both individual and team performance, SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) goals are critical to delivering quality and successful results.
  • Offer growth opportunities. Helping employees expand their skill set builds a more advanced, efficient and productive workforce. Tap into people’s potential. Options for doing this include coaching, mentoring, shadowing, offering workshops and continuing education, and increasing responsibilities. In addition to professional development, give employees time to focus on the passions in their personal lives.
  • Communicate clearly, early and often. Be clear in your expectations of each employee. Keep people informed regarding the state of your company and industry, both day to day and long term. Listen actively, and walk the talk. If you expect honesty and transparency from your people, model it in the way you interact with them.
  • Welcome employee input. Communicate a clear vision of where you want to go as a team; then generate ongoing dialogue about how to get there. Invite suggestions, ideas and brainstorming. Support people as they take calculated risks, and acknowledge that failure can sometimes be a byproduct of growth and learning.
  • Enable flexibility. Help ensure employees maintain a healthy work/life balance. Telecommuting and flex schedules are tremendous incentives. During the workday, allow people to step back and take breaks so they can recharge. Take it a step further by providing comfortable, well-appointed break rooms.
  • Provide support. Give people the time, staff, budget and training necessary for them to succeed.
  • Celebrate accomplishments. Recognizing people for a job well done will encourage them to continue contributing and boosting productivity. Acknowledge and offer feedback on overall progress, as well as specific milestones reached. When deciding how to recognize an employee, take into account their individual needs and preferences. One person may appreciate public recognition, while another would prefer a private thank you.

Whether you need to build productivity, develop better communications and other management strategies, or staff to meet year-round customer needs, the StaffMasters team can help you achieve the desired results. We’ve been delivering HR solutions to employers throughout the Carolinas for more than 30 years. Contact us today to learn more.


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