If your company has never employed temporary staffers, you might be a bit skeptical about it. Taking on workers who will only be part of your team for a brief period of time might seem a bit unusual, but it can be an incredible business strategy.

Plenty of talented professionals choose temporary employment for a variety of reasons — e.g., to enjoy a flexible schedule, bulk up their resume, try a new career on for size — and your company can benefit from them. Take a look at four ways temporary staffers can assist your workforce.

Meet Tight Project Deadlines

No matter how well they’re mapped out, projects don’t always go as planned. Missing deadlines lowers your company’s credibility and can cause you to lose future business, so take on a few temporary employees to meet your targets without a problem. This will take the pressure off your core staff, so they can concentrate on producing quality work.

Provide Specialized Talent

It takes many special skill sets to keep your business running smoothly, but not all are required on a regular basis. Keeping an employee on the payroll full time when you only need them occasionally doesn’t make sense, so hire temporary workers. You’ll get the talent you need, but only when you need it, allowing your company to realize a healthier bottom line.

Reduce Overtime Costs

Busy periods are great, because it means your products and services are in demand, but overtime expenses add up fast. Enjoy a larger profit margin by bringing in temporary staffers to help out. This will reduce or even completely eliminate the need for your core team to put in extra hours, so you won’t have to worry about losing a large portion of your added revenue to time-and-half pay.

Increase Morale

Your employees are a dedicated group of people, but even the most enthusiastic employees don’t enjoy spending most of their life at work. If your team has been putting in a lot of extra hours, they’re probably nearing burnout, so hire temporary workers to pitch in. Whether you’re short-staffed or in the midst of a busy season, they can handle the overflow. This will allow your full-time employees to have a manageable workload that permits them to end their workday at a reasonable hour.

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