During a job interview, you’ll be asked a variety of questions to gauge your fit for the position. There’s no one right way to answer each one, but the best responses always draw from real job and life experiences. Much more helpful than a hypothetical response, this gives them a glimpse at what it would be like to have you on the team.

Drudging up history on the spot isn’t always easy, so give it some thought prior to the big day. Make a great impression by having an example ready for as many common interview questions as possible.

4 Reasons to Answer Interview Questions With Real Life Examples

Show Off Your Skills

Anyone can claim to have certain skills, but only those who actually have them can share past examples where they’ve been put to use. You’ll gain a competitive edge on candidates who don’t share examples, because you put your money where your mouth is. The last thing a hiring manager wants is to take a candidate’s word they have a certain skill, only to find out after they’re hired their expertise was greatly exaggerated.

Highlight Relevant Accomplishments

Boost your candidacy by telling the interviewer about past achievements you’ve realized applicable to the job. Provide as much detail as possible to bring them to life and make the interviewer wonder what amazing feats you could accomplish for their company.

Put Your Temperament on Display

No one wants to hire someone with a poor disposition. Sharing examples that highlight your temperament will put the interviewer at ease, allowing them to feel confident in your character. For example, describing yourself as calm under pressure is one thing, but telling a story about how you maintained your cool with a challenging client really illustrates the point.

Demonstrate Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is largely considered the most important factor determining new hire retention rates, but this can be difficult to gauge when observing candidates’ behavior in one or two job interviews. Prove you’ll perfectly mesh with the team by highlighting specific instances where you’ve displayed values important to the organization.

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