You probably have a lot on your mind this month – and so do your employees. On top of all the personal holiday busyness, the final weeks of the year can be crunch time at work as well.

How do you keep distractions down and productivity up, without turning into Ebenezer Scrooge and giving it all a huge “bah humbug”?!

Set an Example

Leadership takes on heightened importance during times when employee focus is threatened. If your own attitude or behavior become lax, chances are your team members will follow suit; for instance, coming in late, calling in sick or slacking off during the workday.

  • Reinforce your focus on your own goals. Walk the walk and let this show throughout the workday.

Reinforce the Mission

The fourth quarter is a great time to remind employees of your organizational mission, goals and vision as you head into a new year. Refresh both short- and long-term objectives, and develop new ones if necessary.

  • Celebrate accomplishments. Reflect back on and acknowledge all the great things your employees and business have achieved in 2017. Thank each person for the individual role they played. Being appreciated lifts spirits and goes a long way toward staying motivated, even during the busiest and most stressful times.
  • Reward with bonuses. While giving employees a big project during Q4 may seem like a bad idea, it actually may be just the motivator they need. If possible, offer a bonus to go along with work successfully completed. This helps foster teamwork, which can bring people closer together.

Embrace the Spirit

Keep it all in perspective: Maybe this really can be the happiest time of the year. Offer holiday treats and décor, potluck luncheons and/or a Secret Santa gift exchange. Hold company holiday celebrations during normal business hours, so you don’t take any more time out of people’s already jam-packed schedules.

  • Try not to demand overtime. If additional work time is necessary due to vacations or seasonal demand, use temporary help to fill the voids.
  • Build morale by giving back. Bring everyone together for a company-wide effort to help those in need. It may be holding a canned food drive, or adopting a family and collaborating on shopping for their gifts.

Keep Communicating

Don’t let employee communications get lost in the holiday shuffle.

  • Keep people in the day-to-day loop. Who will be out of the office, and when? Are there any new or adjusted deadlines this month? In addition to using company media, check in frequently with employees on a one-on-one basis. This will make it easier for people to keep their heads in the game and stay goal-focused.
  • Make it personal. In addition to discussing work updates, take time for chats about employees’ upcoming holiday plans and other personal interests. This may bring much-needed relief to those who are experiencing added stress at this time of the year or are simply nervous about taking time off.

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