Most companies have at least one employee with a spotty attendance record. When this person isn’t late to work, they’re calling in sick with one contrived illness or another. This lack of accountability is tough on the entire team, because everyone has to pitch in when one person doesn’t pull their weight.

As a responsible employee, you can’t relate to attendance woes, because you always show up to work and you’re never late. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to a potential employer. Find out why highlighting your impressive attendance record will work to your advantage.

3 Qualities a Good Attendance Record Reveals About You


It’s hard to get anything accomplished when an employee considers start times — and coming into work in general — an optional move. Relaying your steadfast commitment to punctuality and notably good attendance history makes it clear you’re committed to the job. Devoted workers like you understand how their contributions impact the rest of the team, and take this very seriously.


When an employee has a poor attendance record, giving them responsibilities of any magnitude is a gamble. Those who can’t be trusted to make early morning meetings or be in the office at all are a liability. Your shiny attendance record sends the message loud and clear that you don’t fall into this category. When you’re assigned a project, you can be counted on to show up to work and see it through.

Passion for the Work

People who don’t value their job come into the office whenever they please. They’re not trying to get a promotion and they certainly don’t care about the quality of their work. Quite the opposite, your constant presence underlines the genuine enthusiasm you’ve had for past jobs. Hiring managers view your glistening attendance history as a sign you’re a hands-on employee who cares about the finished product.

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