Your company’s success depends on the talent you recruit and hire. If you’re not using the right strategies, you may be missing out on top candidates. Which obstacles stand in your way, and how can you overcome them?

What NOT to Do

In your efforts to hire the best, you may not be:

  • Looking in the right places: According to LinkedIn, social professional networks are the number one source of quality hires in the United States. Figure out where your target talent pool is spending their time online, and make sure your company has an engaging presence there.
  • Considering candidates’ future potential: Focusing on experience and overlooking a person’s potential could be limiting your talent prospects. As noted by the Harvard Business Review, “A focus on potential can improve talent spotting at every level of an organization.” You may find several applicants with the right credentials and competencies. But an accurate assessment of their motivation, curiosity and determination is just as important.
  • Taking advantage of your current network: Start with an employee referral program. Encourage your current high performers to search their networks for potential hires, both on- and offline. If people know their current contacts are happy in their jobs, they’re more likely to express an interest in your company.
  • Making cultural fit a priority: List your business’s top priorities, and figure out what kind of person would be the ideal fit. What kind of lifestyle do they have? What are they like during working hours? While hard skills and qualifications are important, it’s more critical to find people with the same ethical stance as your company. Cultural misalignment creates disharmony, which ultimately leads to negative morale and disappointing results.
  • Seeing the big wage and benefits picture: Competitive salary structures are undoubtedly essential. But pay may not be the primary factor for many top candidates. You need to consider a total compensation package tailored to their individual needs. Most often, it comes down to flexibility, career advancement opportunities and last but not least, work/life balance.

A staffing partner who understands your industry and your unique hiring challenges is your best resource for overcoming obstacles to successful recruitment. StaffMasters has been filling this need for employers for more than 30 years, with offices throughout North and South Carolina. Contact us today so we can discuss your winning staffing strategy.


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