If your cover letter and resume do not currently contain numbers, it’s time to make a change. A savvy way to enhance your credibility, quantifying your experience can give you a competitive edge, regardless of the type of job you’re trying to secure.

Numbers don’t lie, so hiring managers really take them seriously. Everything from call resolution statistics for call center employees to the amount of money logistics professionals saved the company by making the supply chain more efficient add depth to an application.

Find out why including numbers on your resume will enhance your candidacy.

3 Reasons to Sell Yourself With Numbers

Eliminate Gray Area

Your resume and cover letter aren’t the place to be elusive. The person reading your application probably doesn’t anything know you, so a vague statement like “managed several employees” doesn’t give a clear snapshot of your skills and experience. On the other hand, saying you “managed a team of seven” offers more context and better showcases your capabilities.

Highlight Your Achievements

If you want a great new job, you have to talk a big game. Part of that involves using numbers to highlight your accomplishments. For example, a bullet point on your resume that reads “high customer satisfaction rating” is too ambiguous to make an impact. Changing the bullet point to read “97 percent customer satisfaction rating” really drives the point home that you’re good at the job. Sometimes it’s okay to boast a little about your achievements, so don’t be shy.

Create Scannable Documents

When an enticing job is posted, the hiring manager often receives hundreds of applications. Consequently, they only have time to scan each one, and using numbers is a great way to capture their attention. Blocks of text tend to blur together, but percentages, sums and other figures jump off the page and command a second look.

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