The reputation of your company relies heavily on the employees that keep it running. One bad apple can tarnish your brand forever, so you have to make sure each person you hire is willing and able to uphold the ethical standards of your organization.

Along with screening for skills and cultural fit, it’s essential to ask questions during the interview process that clue you in on the direction the person’s moral compass points. Everyone has their own definition of right and wrong, so ask these three questions to find out how the candidate’s code of ethics measures up your standards.

Explain a time you witnessed or heard about unethical behavior happening at your workplace and how you reacted to it.

Knowing about unethical behavior and doing nothing about it makes a person guilty by association. You want to hire someone willing to stand up for what’s right, even if it’s not the most popular move. Look for a response that reveals the candidate has a solid backbone, and isn’t willing to let corruption happen on their watch.

Tell me about a time you were asked to cut corners on a project and how you handled the situation.

You want to hire someone who takes pride in their work and truly cares about the quality of the finished product. The candidate’s response to this question offers a glimpse at their commitment to a job well done. Delivering a subpar product to customers is dishonest and will come back to haunt your company, so don’t hire anyone willing to take the easy way out at someone else’s expense.

Would you ever lie for me?

Many employees are willing to lie for their boss, but don’t confuse this as some twisted form of allegiance. Unless you’re running a shady operation, you should never put a staffer in a position where they would need to lie for you. Not only that, an employee who has no qualms about lying for you will also have no trouble lying to you, so keep that in mind.

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