Volume Staffing and Workforce Management – Simplified.

Dealing with rapidly changing workloads? A large temporary workforce? New location? Tight deadlines – and tighter budgets?

We’ve got you covered. Trust StaffMasters to streamline your staffing function and improve your ROI:

Strategic Staffing

Instead of merely reacting to your requests, we can help you use staffing as a permanent solution for meeting workforce challenges to:

  • Increase flexibility. Seamlessly flex your team to manage both cyclical and unexpected changes in workload. Prevent bottlenecks, burnout and layoffs, while operating more cost-effectively.
  • Stay focused. Boost the productivity of your direct employees by offloading non-core activities to trained associates who can perform them more efficiently. Free your staff to focus on their highest priorities.
  • Meet strategic goals. Whether you want to test new ideas, complete critical high-level projects or manage uncertainty in your business, flexible staffing can help you quickly access labor and expertise you need it – without adding to your permanent headcount.

On-Site Management

Experts in high volume staffing, StaffMasters can analyze your staffing usage and design a solution to cut costs, enhance safety, improve retention and maximize flexibility. You get a dedicated, on-site coordinator to work at your location and manage our associates. Acting as an extension of your HR department, your on-site manager greatly streamlines staffing by:

  • Increasing efficiency. We deploy temporary workers, monitor productivity, provide detailed usage reports and ensure adequate staffing for peak and non-peak periods.
  • Reducing headaches. We manage recruiting, testing, scheduling, payroll and other daily temporary worker issues – including problem resolution and worker injury reporting.
  • Creating a safer workplace. We provide customized safety orientations and ongoing training to enhance the work environment.

Managed Solutions

Efficiently manage your enterprise-wide staffing needs – across skills, locations and vendors. StaffMasters acts as a central point of coordination and accountability, providing subvendor selection/management, detailed usage and financial reporting, and a VMS option:

  • Increase efficiency, by leveraging our expertise, technology and economies of scale.
  • Offload the risk and responsibility of staffing management, to stay focused on your top priorities.
  • Improve sourcing, selection, retention and productivity.
  • Make your staffing costs more predictable.

For more than 30 years, we’ve served employers throughout the Carolinas, providing a more reliable, higher quality, higher value staffing experience. We’d like to do the same for you!

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