“I wanted to send you a letter of thanks for the great job you and the rest of your people at StaffMasters are doing for us! Before you created a partnership with us, we were very frustrated with the type of people that we had to choose from out of the temporary pool. Most were unskilled and unqualified for the type of work we do.

To the contrary, you and your staff offered us highly qualified individuals to work with! Almost all of the employees you have sent us had previous experience in related industries to ours. In fact, the vast majority of the individuals you have sent us have been hired on as full time, permanent employees.

I appreciate your follow up on our staffing needs as well as your follow up on the performance of the individuals that you have sourced with us.

You have always been very easy to get in contact with and you are very quick to respond to our business needs. Your diligence as a staffing company has made my job significantly easier and has allowed me to focus on other important aspects of business.

We look forward to another great year and we will be contacting you for all of our employment needs. Thanks again for being an integral part of our success!

— Operations Manager

“…entering our 6th year of partnership with StaffMasters. Having previously utilized five different staffing agencies over the last 17 years, I can certainly speak to their firm’s capabilities which have resulted in their continued presence at all three of our South Carolina facilities.

StaffMasters and our company have truly evolved our relationship into a true partnership that has proved increasingly valuable over the years. They have endured those difficult periods during business downturns and acquisitions without complaint. Similarly, they have reacted wonderfully to challenging times that resulted in our facility ramping up to over 1700 employees, 1100 of which were supplied by StaffMasters. Our Corporate and Reconditioning facilities have been served equally well with up to 250 positions filled by StaffMasters in distribution, operative, clerical and technical roles.

Having worked with staffing agencies for 17 years, 13 of which have involved “on site” arrangements I can attest to StaffMasters’ ability to act as a true business partner. They have provided very capable on site management whose roles have evolved into an integral part of our local management teams.”

— Vice President of Human Resources